Two foxes, red and roe deer and lots of geese

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Thursday, 26th January
This was an Islay day with fantastic weather forecast, so I was really looking forward to going over, getting the work bits done and spending any spare minutes before the ferry went with the camera clickitty-clicking.
As always, setting off for the ferry at this time of the year means a long drive in the dark, but a fox dancing in the headlights and deciding to cross o’er rather than return (it being the less bloody course) provided some early entertainment.
The crossing was smooth and quiet, with very few people on the ferries at this time of year; only local traffic and folk on business, in all honesty. Not even a Swedish whisy tourist to bemuse with misguided anecdotes …
Work took me to a couple of farms and at one we managed to put up three roe deer who were a little too close to us for their comfort. Driving around also took me past one of the sporting estates and a large herd of red deer were quietly grazing unconcerned at the passing traffic.
The RSPB have a large reserve at Loch Gruinart, which is the winter home for many thousands of geese which have come down from the Arctic and graze the pasture to the ground before the spring. I’m not a great birder, but I’m assured that I saw barnacle and greenland white-fronted geese amongst the clattering masses.
Anyway, here are a couple of pictures to illustrate the day:
A ruined farm near Loch Gruinart

Kilchairan Bay


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