Sunny Sunday, hills and lochs

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks
Sunday, 29th January
Her Maj, the Queen of the Chooks, had to spend the day marking test papers, so I was left free to indulge myself with map, camera and flask of coffee out square-bagging.
I am currently working on a hectad in the vicinity of The Chookery, and, so far, am the only person to have posted photos of these 100 1km grid squares: it would be a pleasant and satisfying achievement to bag all 100 of them by myself … one can but dream. So far, progress towards this bizarre ambition has been going well, starting with all of the squares easily accessible by road, then by hill-road, then by forest track. Now, I am committed to hitting the hills and, even worse, hacking my way through dense conifer plantations just for the thrill of taking a photograph of trees.
Yes, I know this is all slightly bonkers, but, for Pete’s sake, it’s my blog and I’ll whitter on about whatever I like, including Geographing. Look, indulge me – I’m middle-aged, happily-married and can’t chase girls any more anyway …
(Lady Voledoomcat has just jumped up onto my lap, which she likes to do when I’m at the computer and, I have to say, I quite enjoy her company.)
So, back to the main plot. The plan was to head off up the Finchairn River and onto the open hills and all those lovely un-bagged grid squares. Started off reasonaby early and toddled up along the river’s course, finding this lovely little waterfall en route:
Waterfall on the Finchairn River
This is the Finchairn River not far from where it flows out of the loch which is its source:
Finchairn River
This is the loch which is the source of the Finchairn River:
Finchairn Loch
My actual objective was the summit of Beinn Dubh Airigh, which is only 459m high, but set in spectacular lonely moorland:
Beinn dubh Airigh
And here’s one last toggie to please the eye – Loch na Creige Maolaich:
Loch na Creige Maolaich
I was pretty cold when I got back to the car as the sun set and the frost was forming on the windscreen; all in all about seven hours walking and a superb day in the hills, with only buzzards and red deer for company. The annoying thing is I walked straight through one grid square and didn’t take a photo, so I’ll just have to go back and try again before too long.


One Response to “Sunny Sunday, hills and lochs”

  1. Jude Says:

    It’s a zany but delightful hobby you’ve chosen. Only wish I lived somewhere like you where I could give it a go. I hope you succeed in bagging all 100.

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