A jay in St Paul’s churchyard

Down in London Wednesday and Thursday for some professional business on the Wednesday, but had to stay over before travelling back on the Thursday. Spent the morning wandering around the City itself and a pleasant couple of hours in the Museum of London. En route to the museum, I walked through the churchyard of St Paul’s Cathedral and was surprised to see a jay bouncing around in the shrubs and flower beds of the churchyard. This was the best sighting I’ve ever had of a jay and was astonished that it came in central London.
The flight back to Glasgow was fine until we were approaching the airport in high crosswinds and the wings of the plane were wobbling up and down as we made a very bumpy approach. Quite an exciting five minutes until we were on the ground, but I never worry so long as the cabin crew are relaxed. Amazing how quiet the passengers go in these circumstances …


2 Responses to “A jay in St Paul’s churchyard”

  1. joared Says:

    Wonder if the jay you spotted is the same variety of blue jay we have here in USA?

    Was surprised early in the month to read a newspaper opinion article by one Niall Ferguson who wasn’t too kind to Scotland, the Highlands, his home country. The title of his piece is “Scotland, it’s over, but keep the accents.” Guess we all have those who fail to appreciate from whence they came. His loss, Scotland’s gain with his apparent departure some 20 years ago.

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    The jay is a member of the crow family Garrulus glandarius. I don’t know its relationship to your North American variety, but here’s a link to more information on the British bird.

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