A good day’s squarebagging

Today was, in contrast with yesterday, bright and clear and I indulged myself with a few hours walking off into the forest to bag some new squares. Very cold in any sort of wind at all, but complete solitude from human beings for the day. Eventually walked out after the sun had set, but with a quarter moon rising high in the sky.
Anyway, here are a few toggies from the day for your delictation and delight.
Cam Loch
Cam Loch, Inverliever Forest
A view across the forest to Badger Loch
A forest view
View across moorland
A moorland view
Deer in the forest
Deer in the forest


5 Responses to “A good day’s squarebagging”

  1. joared Says:

    What do I make of all these terms — are you a “plonker” who goes out “fourbagging” ? (Whatever all that means.)

    When you’re out hiking in the woods, do you ever find any snipes?

  2. joared Says:

    Oops, I meant squarebagging, not fourbagging.

  3. joared Says:

    Squarebagging … is that taking pictures?

    The ones on this post are loverly, too! 🙂

  4. Pat the Chooks Says:

    A “plonker” is a prat, a pillock, a numpty – hope you get the drift!
    “Squarebagging” relates to my Geograph hobby and being the first person to score a point for the particular 1km grid square. Very nerdy, I know.

  5. joared Says:

    Thanks for the squarebagging and plonker explanations as well as the link to Geography. Sounds like an interesting hobby which is shared by numerous others. You certainly get to see some beautiful scenery.

    Will continue to enjoy your photos and posts when I visit occasionally. Meanwhile, here’s wishing you more good squarebagging days.

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