The young pretender is the charismatic chook

Yesterday was a half-day at work in honour of it being the last working day before Hogmanay. The meant that I was at home during daylight hours for what seems like the first time in absolutely ages.
Spent a little while looking out of the window down on the paddock and enjoying the chooks doing their thing. Her Maj drew my attention to Charlie hurtling up over the fence into the garden and racing across to one of the chooks who had come up to scratch on the lawn on her own. He got up to her, exchanged quiet greetings and scratched around with her for a minute or so. He then went back off down to the paddock and the chook followed him. He went all the way down to the bottom corner of the paddock and she followed him all the way and he was soon joined by the other girls and they spent a happy quarter of an hour under the broom which is down there. Chalky, on the other hand, was left wandering around the lawn on his ownsome. Later, Charlie led the chooks back out from under the broom to the withy which is in the middle of the paddock. It certainly looks as if he is the chap all the girls want to be with and old Chalky is yesterday’s boy.


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