Off to work at moonrise

A cold, frosty and dark start back at work today after the crimble break. I looked out of the back door while I was having breakfast and saw a light in the trees where there is normally no such thing, although it was in the direction of the old school house. After staring at it for a few seconds the shape of the crescent moon resolved itself in my bleary eyes and I realised I was looking at the rising moon, being pursued by the relentless sun still over the horizon. When I did eventually set off to work along largely deserted roads, the sky was lightening in a halo of colour above which the golden crescent moon hung on a limpid blue-black ground. And all about was frost and cold and sensible folk were still abed enjoying their holiday.
The day itself has been glorious, with clear blue skies and hard, sharp lighting, making landscape photography very difficult (I spend my lunchtime doing some more squarebagging for geograph purposes).
For my antipodean reader, it may be of interest to know that there is a similar project setting up in New Zealand. Goodness knows how it could ever be scaled up to Australia.


3 Responses to “Off to work at moonrise”

  1. Jude Says:

    Thanks for the tip re NZ. I know a couple of mad keen photographers who have just moved there. Will let them know.

    Now, let me in on ‘crimble’!

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Crimble = crimbo = Christmas

  3. Jude Says:

    You can knock me down with a feather on that one.

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