Frond Memories

Between the canopied quiet of urgent Spring
And preoccupations of the hastening stream
I stand again amidst the tumbling trees
And the silent fanfare of her golden heraldry.

In this dark place of rock and fern
Can yet a lance of heaven pierce the trees
And impale the firmament in complacent earth
To play a perfect cadence on its silver keys.

Remembrance cannot fold you in my arms
Nor settle your sweet head upon my chest;
It cannot fill my being with your lips
Or, laughing, heal the bramble-marks of Day.

And yet, by other byways of the mind,
In innocence of childish wonders half-recalled,
This sweet grove of patient trust I find,
Befriending grace in an impatient world.


2 Responses to “Frond Memories”

  1. Pat the Chooks Says:

    A little something to demonstrate the romantic side of this old boy and provide some quiet reflection at this hectic time of year.
    Hope you enjoy it – it’s all original PTC.

  2. Jude Says:

    Quite astounding. Doubtless you have written others. I hope they will be aired.

    In the meantime, Seasons Greetings to you and the Queen.

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