Winter solstice

This is a welcome day when you stay in Scotland. At last the days will start to lengthen and the nights shorten, although for some reason the month of January can seem very dark and gloomy, far more so than December, if I recall last year properly.
Off down to Campbeltown and Southend yesterday, which gave me some geographing opportunities during the lunch hour and managed to pick up another 15-odd points. I’m currently at 93rd in the overall leader table, which isn’t too bad at all, but I’ll need to double my number of points in the next couple of months if I’m going to get significantly further up. The problem is that the ranking is dependent upon nobody else too far below me submitting many geographs of new squares, thus leap-frogging up the table. This is becoming a slight obsession – and I’m not the only one, to judge from the discussion board on the website.
We’re beginning, the Queen of the Chooks and I, to turn our minds to the schedule of visits we must make when we’re down in Somerset over Christmas. Already this is reaching a technical complexity last seen with planning the invasion of France in 1944, although neither I (nor surprisingly she) were around at the time to learn from the experiences of the military planners at the time.
Chalky celebrated the longest night by spending it with the geese, for some reason best known to himself. Perhaps he can see the writing on the wall and is letting the Young Pretender get the chooks in the coop all to himself. Perhaps he was just daft enough to forget how to get across the fence between the geese and the garden, a feat which he has successfully managed several hundred times in his life so far.


2 Responses to “Winter solstice”

  1. Paul Says:

    Just a note to wish you and the Queen of the Chooks, season’s greetings and all that.

    Also thought I would let you know that yours truly, is treading the boards this year, and appearing in Bluebeard, as presented by the Martock Pantomime Society.

    Always fancied myself as a thespian. Looking forwards to my 15 minutes of fame, dancing and singing.

    Keep up the writing, it makes for excellent reading and is good to hear what you and your good lady are up to.

    My other significant half also sends her good wishes.

    Keep well.

    Paul and Becky

  2. Jude Says:

    Sending you a task which I am sure will be a breeze for a chook lover. I have tagged you for the Weird Habits meme. Instructions are on my current post.

    Hope it doesn’t spoil your Christmas. Have a happy one and don’t consume too many of the flock.

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