The good and bad of shopping in Glasgow

Having stayed on after the abortive Saw Doctors gig on Friday night, it was time to hit the town and get a few pressies for Crimble. We had to go down to Rutherglen to pick up my car after being repaired, a total cost of over £1000 for a small scrape of the wing reversing into the garage …
Wandered through the Merchant City area of the city centre, a place Her Maj and I didn’t know before, and saw a fine craft market. Incidentally, here’s the website of a local photographer with some excellent work on display.
Wandering towards the shopping areas, we decided that one o’clock in the afternoon was time enough for breakfast, so stopped in at a small Italian-Chinese cafe called Lily’s for lunch. Very good noodles and panini with great coffee, what more could a couple want.
Went into a boutique called Ice for something which Her Maj had reserved and for which she’d paid a deposit. Not only did the assistant deny that the part of the sales floor on which we’d found the item had ever been open, but they hadn’t put the item aside for us at all. Her Maj was incandescent with rage at this rudeness, mendacity and ignorance, so we got our deposit back and went away vowing never to set foot inside the premises again and to warn all comers of the experience.
On a better note, we went into an H Samuels shop to get a new battery for her watch, and the young lady who dealt with the repair was excellent, charming, cheerful, efficient and a great ambassador for her employer. All but made up for the previous cr*p.
Managed to find replacement for the un-reserved item in another shop and went into the famous Slater menswear shop to collect a new suit which they’d altered after I’d chosen it the previous week. A Glasgow institution which now has stores all over the UK and, if there’s one near you and you’ve never been, you should. You’ll walk out with a new suit you didn’t know you needed and weren’t aware you could afford. They also have the funkiest flash-driven website.
I don’t know what the garage had done with the chookmobile, but it drove better than it had for years on the way home. Very muscular and superb cornering, the latter having been something that wasn’t terribly confident for a long time. Must just make sure I don’t scratch it again for a long time …


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