A visiting silkie chook

Back home late after the trip to Glasgow, I went out to shut up the geese and chooks for the night. Geese went in no problem and I found all the chooks safely shut up inside the coop. Then I saw a white bird on the ground under a hedge and went after it to get it inside the coop. It went off like a rocket around the moonlit garden and it took several attempts at cornering it before I finally got my hands on it. When I did, I realised it wasn’t one of my own flock, but a silkie from next door. It didn’t appreciate having been rescued and screamed all the time I held it. I hoisted it over the fence into the next-door chook-pens and left it to its own devices. It wouldn’t have stood a chance if it had been left out on the ground and a fox/wildcat/marten/mink had been on the prowl.


2 Responses to “A visiting silkie chook”

  1. Harlequin Rabbit Says:

    I hope the chook appreciated your kind thought! A happy birthday to both your good self and her Maj. May you both have many more.

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    If her language was anything to go by, the chook would have been happier offering herself as a carry-out snack to a passing predator. Some people really don’t appreciate the care and attention lavished on them!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I shall pass them on to her regal sofaness in a moment or two.

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