A day’s geographing and an unwanted incident

A retro-blog by Pat the Chooks

From a day’s geographing Posted by Picasa
Last Monday was a day off work and one for getting out and filling in some blanks in the local Geograph map. The picture above is probably the pick of the day’s crop, by the way, and as a result of the efforts, managed to climb into the top 100 submitters to the site. This is a Red Queen’s race, though, and to maintain or improve on my position will mean a lot of work submitting new first geographs. I’m posting this on the Sunday afterwards, when I’d rather be out and about with a camera, but it’s persisting down and playing with the computer keeps me away from tidying up the heaps of paperwork that are accumulating about the place.
So, a pleasant morning collecting geographs and a trip to Oban to get a couple of pressies for the kids. Also popped in to the tailor to see if my new kilt jacket was ready and found that the one they’d ordered was a size too small, so they are very kindly ordering me a free hire jacket for the Christmas and Hogmanay season, which I must remember to collect next week.
Around lunchtime the weather started to close in and cloud over, losing the light, so I decided to head home. From where I was the road was single-track and very winding and I was driving a loan car whilst my own was, ironically, in at the garage having a bodywork repair. Coming up this particular road I met a Ford Transit van coming downhill. I managed to stop in time, but he didn’t, smashing up the front offside headlight and wing, to my enormous frustration. Back home with a driveable vehicle and then straight off down the other side of Glasgow to collect a replacement vehicle, making a six-hour round trip the evening before I had to get up by quarter-past-three to get a plane down to Birmingham … not amused.


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