A quick post from pantoland

Back home in between the matinee and evening performances of the pantomime, in which I am cast again as the Dame. Fortunately, it seems to be going down fairly well with the audience it’s aimed at (very small kiddies) but the show could be slimmed down, paced up and made generally more snappy and funny with a bit of effort. Mind you, that’s just typical dressing room sniping and nobody in these circumstances really wants to put their effort where their mouth is and offer to write or direct. The only real problem is that the dressing room is completely unheated, which in the middle of an Argyll December, isn’t so clever.
I was chatting this morning to another villager and he told me that there was some thinking that this village should put on its own pantomime next year, which would be great fun. Hope this comes off, and the Queen of the Chooks has already said that she fancies getting involved in the costumes as well.
Must rush – have to get my tea and then back down the road for the next show. O, I’m suffering! (It’s only funny if you’ve seen the show, and probably not even then …)


2 Responses to “A quick post from pantoland”

  1. Harlequin Rabbit Says:

    Best Wishes, hope the panto went well.

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