Black chook down

We have been missing one of the black chooks since the day after the old yellow chook took to her grave. There doesn’t seem to have been any fox activity and there are no signs of carcases or feathers anywhere; it’s all a bit of a mystery. There is some chance that it has hopped over the fence to the neighbours for a change of scenery, but he’s been preoccupied with other things, so I haven’t raised the matter yet. I keep looking to see if she will reappear, but no joy as of today. I suppose the chooks are all getting of an age and the winter will be knocking them down; perhaps next year Charlie will do the business and we can raise some more of our own or even buy some new stock to refresh the flock. The Queen of the Chooks has it in mind that I should tear myself away from the computer and build some brooding hutches/coops for nesting chooks and she may even get her way, it would be nice to be able to offer the broodies the accommodation they need to raise chicks successfully. Could even then think about eating some of the surplus stock …


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