Singing Handel’s Messiah

This afternoon we had the pleasure of singing Handel’s Messiah at the new village hall in Ardfern. This hall is one of the best for some considerable distance around, and makes a very pleasant, useful, flexible space. It was officially opened yesterday evening with a ceilidh and we were the second part of the opening weekend’s celebrations.
The Messiah is a justly popular work and the local singers were joined by some old friends of the choir from Fort Bill. Somehow we all managed to squeeze onto the stage and perched our conductor on top of some tables so that she could be seen by us.
We were joined by an excellent accompanist on organ and four young soloists to complete the company. The hall wasn’t packed, but it was about three-quarters full. The concert itself went fairly well, although the basses, amongst whom I count myself, managed to go astray like sheep on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, the overall effect was good and the audience enjoyed themselves. Her Maj came along and, with the exquisite timing of her sex, took her seat as the first chord was struck.
A buffet afterwards for the whole company and as many of the audience who could fight their way past the choristers. I tried a nut and mushroom combo designed for vegetarians, but found animal content in the form of not one, but two, human hairs in a single portion. Still, I’ve no doubt it was made with love.
The next choral activity will be carols in December, so out with the Oxford and on with the motley.


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