She’s not a pheasant plucker

Thanks to the generosity of the local shooting fraternity, The Queen of the Chooks was presented with a fine cock this evening and it’s hanging up in the garage where Lady Voledoomcat can’t get at it before we’re ready to pluck and roast it, probably for Friday’s dinner. Can’t wait.


2 Responses to “She’s not a pheasant plucker”

  1. Pavlov's Cat Says:

    I think Lady Voledoomcat is one of the cleverest cat names I’ve ever heard – sort of ‘Harry Potter Goes to Cold Comfort Farm’. Does she drink unicorns’ blood, as well as being the doom of voles? Being Scottish you will (I think) appreciate this – Australia’s best living poet, no, scrap that, Australia’s best ever poet, Les Murray, has a cat called Fauna McDonald.

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Lady V’s real name is Nishnabequay, or Nish for short. She doesn’t have a second name, thus failing to meet T S Eliot’s criteria. Former cats of this household have been “Harold Caradoc” and “t’Othercat Cadwallader” … t’Othercat because I couldn’t think of another name for the aforementioned kitten after I had exhausted my creativity in naming his brother Harold.

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