The eyes don’t have it

Off to the optician today for a diabetic eye examination. This is very similar to a normal eye exam except that there is a very thorough look taken at the retinas. This involves getting some drops in the eye to relax the muscles of the irises and fully open the pupils. This is a drag for two reasons: one, it stings like mad, and, two, you lose all ability to focus. The examination itself involves about ten minutes of extremely bright light being shone into the eyes while the optician stares deeply and meaningfully into the baby-blues. Fortunately she found no evidence of any diabetic retinopathy, so that’s very encouraging for this dia-newbie.
Back to work after the eye test and struggled through doing some work but frankly couldn’t see a thing. Decided to give it up as a bad job and get Her Maj to take me home and leave my car at work; she can take me back in again tomorrow.
Thank goodness those tests are only once a year; I’ll make sure I don’t even bother going back to work after the next one.


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