The art of de-chooking oak trees

Above the coop stretches out an oak tree, in which the chooks have previously sought roosting as an alternative to their own warm, wind-proof coop. Not being of a mind to permit this state of affairs to continue, PTC has now developed the most excellent method of de-chooking the tree (and solved a mystery in the process). Previous efforts have involved poking sticks at the chooks, but this only makes them more determined and they become impossible to dislodge. The revised technique is to hurl a mooring buoy at the recalcitrant bird, which, upon seeing a vast orange thingy rapidly approaching, has no alternative but to vacate the branch in question and submit to itself to the authorities and a night behind bars. The art lies in not knocking the chook over into next door from which it won’t emerge for a couple of days. So far, I think I’ve got it cracked. The Queen of the Chooks has recently reported that one of the red-headed yellow chooks, known as Hennifer, has taken to climbing to great altitudes in the said tree and might be beyond reach of the buoy, in which case we will have to think again. But, as I’ve always said, my brain’s a lot bigger than a chook’s, even if it has stupidity to give it an edge over reason.


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