I’ve got those sugar-water blues

Some of the realities of life as a diabetic are beginning to hit home for poor old Pat. My major problem is that I cannot get my blood-glucose levels downs below the 6 mmol/l that is necessary to avoid the rather nasty health consequences of the disease. Mind you, it’s early days yet and I have had relatively little in the way of helpful advice from GP or dietician about managing my diet to best effect, and that is the route to management that I am being asked to explore at the moment. I still get wiped-out, even with much higher glucose levels. I am doing a lot more investigation and taking samples frequently through the day to try and get a picture of how this thing works, but it’s a grind. The last couple of days have seen lower levels than before, even getting below 7, but there’s still a way to go. I am gradually reducing the carb intake to bugger all and haven’t touched alcohol for a couple of weeks, but progress is slow. It’s all the more difficult when you start to realise the serious health consequences of diabetes: blindness, stroke, cardiac disease, loss of sensation, impotence and even amputation (diabetes is the second-largest cause of amputation after trauma). There are times when energy levels are swinging and the realisation dawns that eating like a rabbit is probably it for the rest of my life – no more chocolate, boozy lunchtimes on real ale or gooseberry crumble for me. Sod it.
That said, I still feel that there is a lot I can do to get control of this thing but I know it’s going to be some considerable time before I do understand my own body’s idiosyncrasies. Mind you, always glad to be warm and breathing.


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