Meanwhile, over on eBay

Pat the Chooks has become a bit of an eBay addict. There is something quite fascinating (and probably disturbing) about lurking on eBay and seeing what’s on offer. I even ventured so far as to make my first purchase, an 80GB HDD to upgrade this PC at which I’m sat, but without taking the elementary precaution of reading the seller’s feedback first. Needless to say, it’s been a lesson learned and I am now the proud owner of a fried, and useless, HDD which cost me nearly forty quid. Laugh if you like, but that’s the sad tale of woe.
Having decided (a) that getting a feedback score of my own was a good idea and (b) seeing some LPs that I fancied adding to the collection, I’ve been doing some bidding of my own and even winning a few items. I did lose a rather tasty processor/motherboard/memory combo that I took a liking to, but the bidding rapidly soared rather to high for my own comfort in the last few minutes. This can be quite an addictive business and I find myself “watching” a number of other items, from beermats to kilt jackets to otherboards. Have even put a few Tangerine Dream CDs up for sale, but expect them to go unloved back on to the shelves in a week’s time …


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