Surveying the garden with Lady Voledoomcat

Yesterday evening was mild, dry and pleasant and, on returning from work, Her Maj and I went down to walk around the paddock and see what was going on. We hadn’t been down there very long before Lady V came down to join us. She likes nothing more than walking around the garden with us. Where we had a large bonfire earlier in the year, there was plenty of evidence of the chooks going down there and scratching about for minerals (not many bugs or worms in the ashes yet). The geese have been grazing down the longer grass in the paddock and it’s almost looking tidy. Much excitement when we walked along the hedge and around the pine tree, where we found lots of fresh roe deer droppings, so this sheltered spot may well be a popular resort for them, we know that there are deer in the river meadows beside us and I have seen them in the garden and paddock last winter.
Lady V found other, more feline, diversions and returned later that evening with a vole which she gobbled up in front of us while we were trying to give our attention to the goggle box. She also managed to leave in the house a small wood mouse, not quite extinct, and PTC had to revive his skills in the summary execution of small things to encourage it to leave this murine vale of tears.


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