Down to the toon

Today, Saturday, we went on down to town, the great metropolis of Glasgow, for various messages (errands or purchases in Scots). I have already aluded to the new car for Her Maj, but we went on into town for a day-out and a few other necessities which are harder to find out in the highlands. The choir of which I am now a member is preparing for its new season and I needed a copy of the Oxford Carols for Choirs, which the local booksellers and newsagents just don’t stock. Readers may recall the distress associated with my last visit to McCormack’s and this time they didin’t have the required score, and indicated little interest in finding one for me. Off to the musician’s shop, Biggar’s on Sauchiehall Street, where not only did they have several copies, but let me choose one from the stockroom which was not as crumpled as the one on display.
After wandering around town, off to Braehead, the local out-of-town shopping centre or “mall”, to stock up at the nearest Sainsbury’s (93 miles from The Chookery). Into the lift for a quick trip down from the car park and then the delights of finding that we were in a particularly possessive lift which, whilst accepting our custom, refused to release us at our destination. Called out the engineers, who toddled along in about ten minutes or so. Learned that Her Maj can get pretty impatient when kept from her shopping …


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