Who’s a proper Charlie?

Who’s a Charlie? Posted by Picasa
Answer – he is. Her Maj and I yesterday convened the Naming of Chooks Committee, which determined that the new boy shall henceforth be named Charlie, or maybe even BP Charlie (work out the BP for yourself; it’s not difficult).
Charlie is a very enthusiastic member of the flock here at The Chookery and seems to have settled in as well as could possibly be expected. He is the first to come sprinting to see us when we get back in the car, or even when we open the back door. He can put on quite a turn of speed, so I don’t expect the hen-chooks will stand much of a chance when he gets his gonads into gear next year.
Off to the north-west of Scotland to do some walking in a few minutes, so the blog will go quiet for a week or so. Please visit again after that.


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