Harry the new cockerel

In amongst all the excitement of Her Maj’s bump on the bend, I failed to report on how the new cockerel is settling in. Well, if the truth be told, he isn’t yet. The first day after his introduction to the coop we left all the birds in the pen. This frustrated the habitual wanderers a little, but tough cheese. We got back home well after dark that evening (it being the trip to hospital) and all the birds seemed to be in the coop, so I shut it up for the night. Next morning, on opening the coop, no sign of the new boy; he’d obviously considered an eight-foot-high fence no barrier and legged it. I went round to have a chat with Eddie and mentioned that the new cockerel had disappeared, so he went to check his birds, directly over the fence from mine, and lo! there was the peregrinating poultry. After a quick adjustment to the boy’s flying kit, back over the fence he came to continue his induction to life at The Chookery. He is a very handsome bird, and Her Maj thinks that Houdini might be an appropriate handle for him, so he is Harry pro tem.


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