Unique keyboard and mouse combination

Unique keyboard and mouse combination Posted by Picasa
This says it all, really. Lady V(oledoomcat) is out of favour at The Chookery at the moment and this is one of the reasons why. She has taken to bringing in live wood mice for release into captivity and then showing not the slightest interest in re-capturing them. For three days we have had the company of a live mouse in the lounge (not the one pictured above) which was eventually driven into the front vestibule and Lady V added manually to the mix. Did her wild instincts come to the fore? Was she consumed by the hunting instinct and become a parcel of teeth and claws? Not a bit of it. I even tried holding her nose over the poor beast and no sign of recognition did she give it. In the end I opened the door and gave the poor, wee, cowering beastie its freedom. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise on coming to the computer this evening and finding this unique arrangement of keyboard and mouse. And to think that cat had got another ten years of happy hunting ahead of her …


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