Spare time on the Isle of Islay

Over to Islay on Friday for work and to get the car serviced. You may scoff, but the next nearest VW dealer is in the outskirts of the Glasgow conurbation and I had a bad experience last time I used them. Car service and various visits for work all went well.
Stopped off at the Kilchoman Distillery visitor centre and cafe for lunch and found it to be most excellent. I may well have written before (in fact I know I have ) about the new distillery at Kilchoman near Bruichladdich on Islay, but this was the first time I had the chance to eat at the new cafe. Cullen skink and coffee was the refreshment of choice and very good it was too. By way of digression, one of the popular lunch formulae in this part of the world is soup and sandwiches; the visitor centre here trumps the whole idea with cullen skink and panini!

Lagavulin Distillery, Isle of Islay Posted by Picasa
With a couple of hours to spare before the evening ferry back to the mainland, I went off to explore along the road east out of Port Ellen. This is a view of the Lagavulin distillery, one of the three in close company just outside Port Ellen. There were no spaces on the tour that afternoon, so I had to content myself with the best possible postcard view of the distillery.

Kildalton Cross, Isle of Islay Posted by Picasa
Also along that road is the ninth-century Kildalton Cross, one of the finest and best-preserved ancient crosses in Scotland. Again, the sunlight co-operated with a pleasant postcard-type composition.


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