Ditch Monkey

Ditch Monkey

Caught an interview with this character on the Stuart Maconie show on Radio 2 this afternoon. Nice to know there are still nutters out there.


2 Responses to “Ditch Monkey”

  1. Keshi Says:

    hey Pat the Chooks ,

    I wonder if u eva thought of getting rid of anonymous comments or disabling em altogether?

    U dun get any respectable anonymous comments- and all these spammers are disrespecting almost all of ur friends here…but u continue to provide a platform of entertainment for them here – why? d u enjoy their comments too??

    Just a query…it’s totally up to u if u wanna keep it enabled but I dun see why u have it enabled…not that I get affected by this gutter spam people anyway, but just that I wanna believe that u dun want to be an entertainer for them either!

    check out MY blog. I dont allow anonymous losers to comment like you do


  2. Pat the Chooks Says:


    One of the privileges of free speech is that you can choose to be accountable for it or not. I always prefer to stand up for what I say, but some people may choose discretion for whatever reason. So far, no problem with anonybloggers, so we’ll see how long I can hang on to my principles. That’s the bugger with believing in free speech; you have to stick with it no matter what you think about the other’s opinion. That said, this blog is a bit of light-hearted fun about geese, chooks, a cat and the local area; rants don’t really come into it, unless it’s me banging on about mice in the house and a useless cat.

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