Lunch with the seals

Down at Campbeltown today at lunchtime, so went out to the beach at Kildalloig Bay opposite Davaar Island to eat my sandwiches (today’s home-baked rolls and very runny Brie filling) on the rocky beach looking out on a foggy Kilbrannan Sound. Cavorting around on the partially-submerged reef in front of me were several seals, laying out in the sun and catching a few rays. Generally, the seals prefer to lie with their heads and tails up, doubtless doing some gentle stretches and building-up their core stability. One of the seals was kind enough to slide off into deeper water and execute a neat porpoise leap out of the water, just for the sheer delight of it, it seemed.
The weather coming back up Kintyre deteriorated considerably, with chuting rain and gloomy darkness all around by the time I got back to the office. Still, the forecast for the next few days is looking up and I may even get a chance to go and tackle yet more of that b****y lawn tomorrow evening after work.


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