It’s time for chookie-bye-byes!

One of the pleasant tasks associated with the chooks and geese is bedtime. All the birds are creatures of habit and the chooks will get into their coop as dusk is falling. The geese are a bit less so, being rather more stupid, but are now trained to expect to be closed-up and will go into the pen as it is starting to get dark. For the chooks it’s the easy matter of dropping the door to the coop (a guillotine sort of arrangement) and for the geese it’s simply a question of closing the gate and leaving them to sort out their own sleeping arrangements from the four smaller pens and shelters on offer. I put wood shavings down for the chooks inside their coop, although they either roost on the perching bars or in the four nest boxes. For the geese, I put cut rushes down on the ground and in the shelters, which keeps the ground a bit drier for them and they can shunt it around and make nests if they are so inclined. It can also be replenished from the extensive growth of rushes in the paddock and burned on the garden bonfire if necessary. Ditto the wood shavings, come to that, except it is procured from the local farmers’ providers in large compressed bales which seem to last forever for the small outlay of four of your earth pounds.


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