Argyll weather supports test match viewing figures

It’s not a commonly-known fact, but occasionally it rains in Argyll. Occasionally it precipitates down, and it did so over the weekend. West coast rain comes in sheets, in torrents, in rolling wave after wave of water chuting past the windows, and Sunday was no exception. It was never really light on Sunday with the dark clouds and it was no hardship to stay indoors and chew my fingernails to the knuckle watching the test match. What a match! What spirit from both teams! Roll on The Oval.
I may have previously commented on the fact that, apocryphally, Scotland is supposed to have more cricket clubs than football clubs. I know not the truth of the matter and I suspect that Wicked Web Wisdom is unlikely to provide it. I do know that I have met far more Scots who play cricket on a regular basis than ever I met Englishmen who played, and that has to say something about the matter.
Of course, after the weekend the weather improved dramatically and Monday was gorgeous, with prospects for the rest of the week the same. I’m off to Gigha today (Tuesday) for a couple of jobs and looking forward to beautiful weather for the trip. I’ll take the digital camera and post up a couple of toggies this evening if I manage to take something suitable for public viewing.


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