A nice toggie from the Isle of Gigha

As promised, here’s a nice picture of Gigha to make you all jealous. The view shows the Twin Beaches at the northern end of the island; in the distance you can just make out Islay behind the small island and Jura to the right.

The Twin Beaches on the Isle of Gigha Posted by Picasa
Typically, the much-anticipated gorgeous weather did not materialise, at least on the mainland, but it was reasonable over on the island itself.
The crossing to Gigha takes 25 minutes from the small pier at Tayinloan. There was a bit of a swell running and the ferry rocked quite pleasantly with invigourating sprays of seawater coming over the bows.
Gigha is a very friendly and easy place since it was bought by the islanders themselves a few years ago. There is open access to all parts of the island, observing the usual courtesies, of course, and a network of paths is being developed alongside a book of walks which are obtainable from the post office. Well worth a visit.


4 Responses to “A nice toggie from the Isle of Gigha”

  1. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Why, thank you ma’am. Looked for your blog out of respect, but found nothing. Your’e welcome to lurk, of course, and enjoy the other toggies on the site, but have you tasted the pleasures of pedantry that can only come from your own personal blog?

  2. Pat the Chooks Says:

    An I can even use the apostrophe correctly in words such as “you’re” … must be the glass of Ardbeg that is lurking by the keyboard at the moment.

  3. Pat the Chooks Says:

    Bu**er! I can even start posts with “and” instead of “an” … O, I give up! Where’s the refill?

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