Jungle birds

Chooks are, of course, creatures of the jungle (or rain forest, as we must now call it). Here at The Chookery, we are always solicitous of our chooks’ welfare, and we are attempting to create jungly conditions for them at home, albeit more by default than deliberate efforts. The last time the whole lawn was mown was before I went down to Somerset, so about five weeks ago. In the meantime, there has been realtively little opportunity (or enthusiasm on my part for the task) to cut it – this is a job which takes a good three hours under the best of circumstances. I’ve managed to get out on a couple of occasions and do about a third on each, but the third that has not received the tender ministrations of the rotary mower is now rapidly approaching knee-height. The local combination of mild weather and rain aplenty means that there are days when you can sit and watch the d**n stuff grow before your very eyes. I have found that the mower is at its most effective on the long stuff if towed backwards rather than being pushed forwards: this is because only the rear wheels are height-adjustable and the gap under the curtain of the mower is more accommodating to the longer grass in this orientation.


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