The ultimate cultural question?

I was listening to the biography of Jimmi Hendrix being read on Radio 4 this morning and it reminded me of the Ultimate Cultural Question which has been fermenting in my mind for the last few days. You know the sort of thing, supposed to enable you to define your position in modern culture by a simple forced choice. The Ultimate Cultural Question, as proposed by Pat the Chooks is this: Hey Joe or Hey Jude?
Okay, which is my preference and why? Simple; Hey Joe every time. I’ve always been a rocker at heart and once even had the hair to enable me to do some proper head-banging at the student union disco. Hey Joe is for the rocker in me. Funnily enough, much though I love the Beatles’ oeuvre, I’ve never liked Hey Jude; it’s soppy, sentimental, musical mush and a turgid dirge. I simply cannot understand why it has been adopted as some sort of universal emotional anthem, unless, of course, it is truly representative of the spiritual and intellectual void that characterises the modern British society. Hence, no doubt, why it so perfectly encapsulated the empathy-at-a-comfortable-distance that was the gruesome Live8 fiasco. “Give us your gullibility!”


One Response to “The ultimate cultural question?”

  1. Centinel Says:

    Definitely Hey Joe — you can’t beat a gritty story with Hendrix on guitar. Hey Jude is sentimental hogwash that is only popular because it has a sing-a-long chorus.

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