A spluttering colonel writes …

Chickabiddy “K” has brought some homework and coursework with her on holiday, and might even manage to get some of it done. She showed me the homework that had been set by her teacher, which, I have to report, sent me into spluttering colonel mode. I have scanned and attached the homework request for the information of readers, who should share with me my sense of shock and outrage (a) that anyone with this level of literacy should be able to qualify as a teacher, (b) that a qualified teacher should even consider sending out such an appalling document and (c) agree that the English education system is going to the dogs and has done since GCSEs were introduced – after all, this teacher is probably a product of the GCSE system themselves. I shan’t identify the school concerned, save to say that it is in the Somerset local education authority and calls itself a “technology college”. Perhaps some of the additional cash that comes from technology college status could be spent on training teachers in the use of dictionaries for difficult spellings like “country’s” and the use of the spell-checker. The even more alarming thing is that this particular teacher seems to be in complete ignorance of the existence, let alone the rules for the use of, the hyphen.
Goodness alone knows what will happen with the next generation of teachers, who will have been taught by these morons …


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