Gozzie at ten weeks old

The Sergeant and Gozzie Posted by Picasa
I thought it was time I posted a picture to show just how well Gozzie has grown over the last ten weeks. The last time I posted a toggie Gozzie was just a small ball of yellow fluff. Now, as you can see, he/she/it (Her Maj has money on she) looks remarkably like a small goose. The rate of growth has been phenomenal and most gratifying, even if the area of the paddock that has been grazed short has not really been extended by the geese in the effort. The obvious thing to note about Gozzie is that he is still a gosling; no development of a keel (breastbone) like the adults and his voice still hasn’t broken. Poor old thing can only cheep at me when you know all he wants to do is hiss like his Dad.


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