Scrapping the royal carriage

The old Peugeot 205 that Her Maj has been running around in since new 15 years ago has finally died with a cracked piston. No complaints at this end; it had done over 250,000 miles in its time and been remarkably reliable. When she went down to Somerset at the end of term she left it with her usual engineer in Devon, who pronounced it dead. She was forced to rent a car for a week to bring her mother up to stay for a few days and on her return to Somerset went out to look for new wheels. The fateful decision has been made to buy Skoda, an ex-demonstrator diesel Fabia estate, no less. Her Maj, not being a particularly girly female of the species, spent a good five minutes on the phone talking about the car without once mentioning the colour!
Thanks to good old Les for taking Her Maj around the dealers and bestowing his wisdom and experience to the purchase process, as a result of which she’s getting the traditional mudflaps and full tank of fuel thrown in with the deal.
There was a moment when she was severely tempted by a very sporty hatchback turbo diesel model, but the thought of turning up to school with a pimped-up ride and being a lady of a certain age resulted in a more conventional decision.


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