A boring post

Avid readers of this blog may recall that the only casualty of the move from Somerset was my lovely Mitsubishi monitor for my PC, which lost the red channel. I subsequently picked up another monitor for £25 via c-bay (the notice board in the local Co-op), but that went fizz earlier this week and I was forced to look around for another second-hand one; the finances at The Chookery do not yet permit the luxury of a new TFT monitor.
So, back to c-bay and there was a notice for a 19″ LG monitor for the princely sum of £40 down the road in Ardrishaig. I gave the guy a ring and toddled round to have a look. He wired it up and all was fine, so bought it and am writing this looking at the same, which is pretty satisfactory. The funny thing is, it’s the same model as I had at my last job in Somerset before splashing out a substantial year-end underspend on new TFT monitors for the whole team.


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