Phantom Eggnancy

Priscilla (for thus has the white goose now been christened in an appropriately non-church ceremony) has taken to her nest and is busy incubating a chip of wood. She takes great care of Chip, making sure that it is properly covered-up in her down and the rushes from which she has built the nest, whenever she needs to leave it for the various calls of nature. We are of the opinion that she is suffering a profound sense of gosling-envy, now that Gertie (the grey goose) has managed to raise Gozzie to the size of a large chook in no more than five weeks. Still, a girl has to have her fun, and a goose her fantasies.
Priscilla is the only one of the geese so far to feed from the hand. She is very confident in this and it means that she can get a good start on the grain to the annoyance of Sergeant Gander, who still can’t get past the hissing-at-humans chapter in the book of inter-species relationships.


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