A wee treat for the wifie

Over on Islay and Jura last Friday for work, and decided to delay the return crossing for a day and get Her Maj to come over on the evening ferry after work. This she did, and we spent a pleasant night in a B&B near Bridgend, going into the Bridgend Hotel for an excellent meal and a couple of bottles of the local real ale – as well as the obligatory dram (cast-strength Caol Ila in my case).
It was a pleasure to get Her Maj over to Islay and look around at leisure without worrying about work. She is starting to hatch plans for organising a field trip for her students to study different habitats, of which there are an abundance.
Back over on the evening ferry from Port Ellen, which had only eight cars on board; all carefully loaded at the back of the car deck to leave plenty of room for the crew to play football inside the covered part of the car deck on the crossing. Apparently one of the crew has managed to burst two footballs in the last four weeks.
Must do something similar again soon and get up the Paps of Jura …


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