Thoroughly Ticked-Off

Having the evening to myself and it being a warm and pleasant one, I went out for a ride a few miles up the loch and back after work. As I passed the B&B, Rick came out and asked for the supply of four goose eggs so that he could try them, and two Earth Pounds were exchanged as we spoke to seal the deal. I had a good ride, getting up to 28 mph on the old tourer (downhill with a following wind) and toddled back home to have a shower and change before conveying the eggy goodness down the road to Rick. O Horror! on discovering that I’d brought a passenger home with me and a tick was busy burrowing into the abdominal corpulence that is such a feature of PTC. I slapped on some vaseline with the intention of suffocating the little basket and went out. Eggs transferred to the delight of the customer and I popped in to see Eddie. Eddie had in his care a fledgling blackbird which has been handed in to him and was busy feeding it cat food; the blackbird was returning the hospitality by shitting all over the furniture. I mentioned the presence of the passenger to Eddie who, in a gesture that went beyond friendship, got some tweezers and pulled the little basket out cleanly. There is a knack to this, because the wrong direction of pull will remove only the abdomen of the insect and leave the head firmly embedded in the flesh. I was very grateful that Eddie did remove the tick, because it was wriggling and tickling like mad, and I think that the nocturnal romance of the household could have suffered if I was still sporting it when Her Maj comes home later on.
The trick, for those who may need to take advantage of it, is to pull sharply and firmly straight out from the body using tweezers. I think I’ll pop into the vet’s tomorrow and get some tick tweezers and keep them very handy – never leave home without them, is what I say.


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