The Cat gets into a flap

PTC is now justifiably proud of his handyman skills, having installed a new catflap for The Cat. The lounge carpet rejoices as well, but for different reasons. A catflap?, I hear you say, what’s so special about installing a catflap? Because this is a rented house, I didn’t want to do anyhting that could not be undone when we left, and putting a catflap into a door would have fallen into that category. There is, however, a narrow, tall, glazed panel fitted next to the front door and the proposal that was put to the landlord was to remove that, fit a timber panel into which the catflap would be built, and stain it to match the existing. The landlord agreed, which was just as well considering the new panel was already cut to size in the garage and awaiting installation. The tricky bit came with removing the retaining battens, which were fortunately screwed into place, and removing the double-glazed light. This was successfully done and the fruits of the believe thrice – measure twice – cut once philosophy were delivered as the new panel fitted perfectly into the space made available. With the battens screwed back into place and the woodstain applied, it all looks quite acceptable and can be reversed whenever we leave in the future. The Cat herself approves and we can now get rid of the litter tray and with luck the 1001 carpet cleaner will return to peaceful retirement under the sink.


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