The night of the McNasties

Friday night we were rash enough to leave the bedroom window open. This has had to be done to permit the egress and ingress of The Cat, who likes the night hours for hunting the lesser rodents and planting small booby-traps for the gardener’s fingers. I was up late and went to bed after midnight, only to find that the bedroom was now populated by several thousand midges, clustered over the ceiling and walls, concentrating in the corners of the ceiling. ‘Twas a horrendous sight and, as a consequence, there was a degree of blood-letting to these man-eating beasties as we slept that night. I thought it best to leave Her Maj ignorant of the invasion until the morning or else I would be likely prompted into a McNasty hunt in the middle of the night. That’s one lesson about the highlands learned: sleep with the windows shut and keep the flyspray handy!


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