A very slow ascent of Dun Dubh

Yesterday had the pleasure of dragging Her Maj almost to the very top of Dun Dubh, the hill that dominates the village where we live. It’s a bit over 900′ high, so it won’t feature in anybody’s list of baggable summits, but the view from the top is pretty good. Her Maj decided she would attempt the full ascent, having turned back on a previous occasion a couple of hundred feet from the top. This time, we made it to a very pleasant rocky top further west than the highest point, but much more comfortable and interesting than the summit. On the way up we admired the flowers, including the gorgeous butterwort flowers, small purple bells hanging over lime-green stars of insectivorous leaves. There were violets and primroses a-plenty, not to mention the ever-present mosses and brackens. On the way back we stopped to admire a small puddle in the track which was populated with tadpoles, pond-skaters, water beetles, water snails and caddis larvae.


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