Out come the McNasties

Yes folks, today is the first day of the midge season here at The Chookery. This peculiar plague of the northern climes will now last until September, so unless you enjoy coming indoors at six o’clock and shutting all the windows, or alternatively scratching and itching and growing unsightly bumps on the face, this is not a place to be for the next four or five months. It will be interesting to see whether The Cat is affected by the McNasties to the same extent as her human companions.
The new arrival, code-named Gozzie, is becoming a little more bold and has been seen exploring the pen in which he is confined with his Mum; tomorrow we’ll give the new family free rein in the paddock, because the youth will start feeding on grass in the next day or so. Sergeant Gander has been reasonably reconciled to being kept away from the fertile portion of his harem, but still does his impression of the proud father given half a chance.


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