International blackbird rescue

Arrived home and started gassing over the fence to Eddie and Mrs Eddie this evening. Her Maj was admiring the wild yellow pimpernels growing under the fence when a great shouting of chooks arose from the paddock. PTC hurtled down to find a ball of what appeared to be scrapping chooks which, when dispersed, revealed at its heart a fledgling blackbird caught between the hedge and the fence down towards the river. The parent blackbirds were kicking up a racket in the trees beside the river and the great tits and robins were piling in to see what all the fuss was about. The fledgling was rescued and Eddie came down along the river bank from his garden. He attempted to place the small bird onto a tree branch, but it took to the wing and flew off across the river. Unfortunately, air traffic control must have been on a doughnut break because its glide path took it into the water at the edge of the opposite bank. It struggled out onto a small ledge under the bank and was trapped there again. PTC returned and booted up with the finest Dunlop wellies, waded into the river to retrieve birdie for the second time. This time the fledgling was put onto the river bank across from The Chookery, but it promptly flew back across the river towards Eddie’s demesne; not a bad trick for a bird with no tail feathers. So, birdie restored to the air and in the hearing of its parents, who should now be able to find it and give it the thrashing it deserves for mixing it with the unsuitable ruffian chooks from up the hill.
It was the only option … you need another 23 to make a pie.


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