Presents from the Cat

The Cat has now settled into the role of nocturnal predator and is beginning to have a significant impact on the local rodent population. Unfortunately, the rodents she is picking on are not high on the list of those considered pests at The Chookery. On Friday night she brought in two dead voles. On Saturday we were cleaning the living room and Her Maj decided we should vacuum under the armchairs, where we found a dead vole. Monday night it was a wood mouse and last night the same. She can’t be quiet about it either; when she’s got something – usually about two o’clock in the morning – she squeaks, mews and mutters until PTC is forced to get up and retrieve the woeful carcase and return it through the bedroom window to the wider environment. I suppose one thing this audit of the local fauna suggests is that we do not have a local rat or house-mouse problem, but if there is any change to that analysis, this blog will be the first to know about it.


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