Desludging the duckpond

I know I don’t have a duckpond, but it is more alliterative and serves the same purpose for the geese (as a duckpond would for ducks; they don’t give a honk for alliteration).
Her Maj decided on Saturday that the pond at the bottom of the garden was far too full of leaves, silt and goose-poo for her satisfaction and dived into it with a bucket and shovel to remove the old water and cack before re-filling it. Some repairs to the liner were required and then it fell to PTC to go down to the river and pass up buckets of water to re-fill the pond. The geese were very interested in these operations and were back into it before it had been much more than half-filled.
Yesterday I completed the refilling operation by slinging a 100mm pipe across the fence and into the pond, and pouring buckets of water down to save several metres of walk. Eddie thought I might have well as pi**ed down the pipe, but I assured him that I’d managed to raise it a good six inches and all by hand.
Pond now back up to brim-full and geese delighted.


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