Dawn chorus

Up too early this morning. I thought it was six-thirty, the normal time I release the geese and chooks from their overnight confinement, but when I came back inside from my duties I found it was an hour earlier.
The sky this morning is overcast and was streaked with rose when I awoke. Outside, the dawn chorus was banging away, with percussion effects added by the local woodpeckers, who seem to have found a most musical drumming post. The chorus is provided by the tits and finches, with solo parts for the cockerels. Eddie’s new silkie cockerel is not a particularly good crower and Chalky wins the points for the conventional cock-a-doodle-doo theme. A pair of canada geese flew south down the glen, adding their ethereal cries to the soundscape.
This weekend is a long one, with Monday a public holiday. The weather forecast isn’t so great, with only Monday itself looking reasonable. Her Maj has my time booked for completing the unpacking of boxes, putting up pictures and buying and filling yet more bookshelves. Still, it will be good to clear some of the clutter of moving away and make the house look like home.


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