Skinny-dipping in the Sound of Jura

Out for a drive this evening after supper and went down the Craignish peninsula past Ardfern to the end of the road. Totally deserted and silent, with only the honking of overflying geese and the bark of the occasional seal to disturb the peace. The sun was setting behind Scarba but the sky was covered with cloud, so the lighting effects were limited. That said, the view across the darkening waters with their rich purples and indigos streaked with rose from the reddening western sky was stunning. In the distance we could see the house called Barnhill on Jura where Eric Blair wrote 1984. Further to the north we looked straight through the Gulf of Corryvreckan where the aforesaid Mr Blair nearly lost his life in the whirlpool.
The waters were so calm and gently-lapping against the rocks and the air so still, that there was no obvious alternative but to go for a swim au naturel – it was ruddy cold! (and so was the water, come to that). Still, the short experience was most invigorating and one that might be worth repeating when the sea temperature warms up somewhat through the summer.


2 Responses to “Skinny-dipping in the Sound of Jura”

  1. H G Wells Says:

    Bloody Scots!

    Ah, I love ya anyway!!

  2. Elijah Says:

    its a brah, blich, moon lit the nicht, and yer a’ight…ye ken?

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