Adventures of a scaredy-cat

We have been trying hard to get the Cat outside to decorate the garden instead of the carpets with her abundant and fragrant offerings. She is still not at all keen on the great outdoor Highlands and a few scenes from the weekend will illustrate the point:

  • Shut her outside one morning to see how she got on: she stayed by the front door and howled. The trees outside the kitchen filled with birds coming to see what all the fuss was about and have a laugh at the expense of the english cat.
  • Whilst the Queen of the Chooks and I sorted out the garage on Sunday morning so that she (Her Maj, that is, not the Cat) could get her car inside, the Cat was once again exiled from the indoors. She slunk around to every door and window trying to get in and then disappeared from hearing. Her Maj went to find the old girl, but couldn’t see her, although she could still hear the mewing. Finally found the Cat on the roof of the house and a rescue expedition had to be mounted to return her to ground level once more.

We will continue to be mean to her; she seems to be least fearful of the outdoors at night, so she gets an involuntary ten minutes outdoors about ten o’clock of an evening at the moment.
On the chook front, the broody chooks are continuing their task, although one of the chooks is progressively moving her clutch along the floor of the coop, where she has decided to nest. At the rate she is going, she should collide with her broody sister in about four days’ time.
We have finally discovered where the chinese goose has been laying; unfortunately, so had the local crows and only eggshells were found. Did manage to rescue one of her eggs yesterday, but nothing today.
Grey goose continues to sit on her singular egg and the white goose is laying again in the nest of rushes she has made in the other coop. I have yet to name any of her eggs Moses and have no intention of so doing, thank you very much.
Her Maj started her new job today and reports an enjoyable experience.


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