An expedition to Dun Chonallaich

I have been fascinated by this hill since I first drove up to Oban. From the main road it dominates the pass through the hills and has dramatic sheer crags falling straight from its summit down to the road. The rocks are massively folded and skirted by ancient screes, and one of these days I shall add a photograph of what it looks like from below.
This expedition was the inspiration of a moment looking out at the evening sunshine on the hills above the village. There are no tracks over this land and the walker must find his own way between the peat hags, the tussocks of grass and the waves of heather that break down the slopes. In amongst all this is water in abundance, but it is surprisingly easy to stay afloat on top of this sodden and seemingly unstable landscape.
The following photographs show the dun as approached from the north-east (the wall and enclosure on its eastern slope are visible to the left of the picture), the dun on its summit, the view south down towards Kilmartin Glen and the ancient capital of the kingdom of Dal Riata at Dunadd and finally the view back towards Dun Dubh. Incidentally, it was on the top of Dun Chonallaich that I saw the only nettles I have seen in the area so far – a good indicator of ancient human habitation, even if the fireplace and chimney in the circular dun wasn’t good enough already.

Dun Chonallaich from the north-east Posted by Hello

The dun on Dun Chonallaich Posted by Hello

Looking south from Dun Chonallaich towards Kilmartin Glen Posted by Hello

Towards Dun Dubh and Sron na Saobhaidhe from Dun Chonallaich Posted by Hello


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